Clan Tartans

Clan Morrison Society (Scotland):


The green Clan Morrison Society Tartan (Scotland) is a variant of the MacKay sett with a red stripe. In the absence of an identifiable Morrison Tartan, the Society selected a MacKay sett and added a red stripe.

The selection was based on the Morrison ties with the MacKays. Ay Mac Hormaid (Morrison) fell in love with, and married, the daughter of the Bishop of Caithness. Her dowry was the whole of Durness on the mainland, and 60 Morrison families relocated there in the 1600's.


(Lyon Court Book #21, 03 Jan. 1968). 

It was reported that in the 1930's, workers demolishing a "Black House" on the island of Lewis, discovered an old bible wrapped in a scarlet tartan. An enclosed note, dated 1745, identified the tartan as belonging to the Morrisons. It was officially recognized as the Morrison Tartan by the Lord Lyon on January 3, 1968. It was first worn again at the 1964 Clan Gathering.

Members of the Clan Morrison are entitled to wear either tartan. Both are available in modern (bright aniline dyes, ancient (lighter vegetable dyes) or weathered (muted tones similar to those used in Brave Heart) variants.