Dun Eistein (at the northern tip of Lewis) is a natural island stronghold separated from the mainland by a precipitous ravine that is flooded by the sea at high tide. The Brieve lived in a house (Tigh Mor) near Habost in Ness.

Pabbay (Gaelic: Pabaigh), an island situated in the Sound of Harris, was the ancestral home of the family of the current line of Morrison chiefs. Pabbay means "Priest's Isle" and was the home of two ancient churches. One of these was named Teampull Mhoire and so was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The origin of the Morrisons of Pabbay is not known beyond more than a dozen generations of oral history, but it is at least possible that these Morrisons were originally MacGhilleMhoires and are descended from a certain GilleMhoire (servant or follower of the Virgin Mary) who was associated with this church.