Morrison Septs

(A sept in Scotland is a family allied to a clan that may or may not be related to the main clan)

Common spellings of Morrison include Morrison, Morison and Murison.

The name is also sometimes found as Marrison, Morrisson, etc.

The following names have been traditionally recognized as septs of Clan Morrison:

Gilmour Gilmore
Brieve MacBrieve

In addition, it is known that some Morrisons in the Isle of Harris adopted the name Smith.

In Gaelic, Morrison is Mac Ghille Mhoire, which has sometimes been anglicized in Scotland to MacIlmorrow, but that name has largely disappeared by now. Some of this name may have become MacMurrays or Murrays. In America, the name is sometimes found as McLemore and McElmurry. On the Isle of Man, it was once spelled Mylvorrey, but has now been standardized to Morrison.