Badge / Motto / Slogan


The CLAN MEMBERS' BADGE consists of the Chief's Crest within a strap and buckle bearing the Chief's Motto. By wearing it, the clan member acknowledges himself to be a follower of the owner of the crest. The crest is a part of Dr. Iain Morrison's personal heraldic achievement. Technically speaking, it is not the clan crest and one should not claim it as my crest.

The Chief's Arms include a motto above the crest (TEAGHLACH PHABBAY) and a slogan (DUN EISTEIN) in a compartment below the shield. This was done to encompass both the Harris and Lewis branches of the family. Dr. Iain Morrison traces his lineage to Phabbay, and TEAGHLACH PHABBAY (the family of Phabbay) is his personal motto.

Current badge (left) and former badge used by Clan Morrison Society (right)

Sgoid Cladach

Teaglach Phabbay
Family of Pabbay

Dun Eistein
(pronounced "Dun Esh-ten")
Hugh's Fort
The name of the ancient Morrison stronghold on the Isle of Lewis