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Miscellaneous Gilmores, McLemores and Others

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 1:19 pm
by morrisondna
This is a group for members of the project with surnames other than Morrison and for whom Y-DNA matches have not yet been found. Often this is due to the family being a smaller family, or maybe one with less of a migration history. Or there may be Gilmores, etc., who match the participant, but who have not joined the project. It is worth checking for matches on FTDNA personal pages and at Ysearch to see if matches turn up. If not, then other surnames who are matches to the participant should be considered carefully. It is possible there has been a recent name change to Gilmore, etc., in the participant's line. This may be due to a name change to Gilmore, etc., by immigrants who used a language other than English, or it may be due to a non-paternal event (NPE). For example, it was long the practice for children of mothers who were not married to the father to give their children the mother's surname. Or there may have been an adoption. In this case, the Y-DNA matches who do show up will be matches in the birth father's paternal line. Once at least two members of a Miscellaneous Group match each other, a new lettered Group will be formed.