Festival Supplies Sources

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Festival Supplies Sources

Post by Jim in NM » Thu May 08, 2014 4:57 pm

I keep some stuff in the tent, primarily as give-a-way to kids and interested folks. Several folks in Arlington asked about sources, so when I got home I put this list together. These are the cheapest places I have found so far for the items. As usual, try an internet search for them as well. I have no connection with any of these sites, they just happen to be the ones I'm using right now. If you have other items or sources, please post.

John Wayne Life size cutout
As Rich noted on the Facebook page, these are available from Amazon. I got my current one off ebay. Prices seem to run around $40. Do a search to find the best. I think there are four authorized versions - different poses. I get a couple years out of them at 5 or 6 events a year.

Tartan / Clan / Scottish books
Nearly every book I have on display is from eBay. Just keep prowling around. Covers and ISBN numbers are included in the "Convener's Kit" (see other post in this section.

Flag Lapel Pins
I keep Scottish, Irish, US and sometimes Welsh (the kids refer to the Welsh flag as the "Harry Potter flag" because of the Griffin).
I bought from several US sources including some that that said "Made in USA" and paid anywhere from $1.00 to $2.00 a pin. I found a source in China that sells them for $0.29 a pin in lots of 300 and has free shipping. Interestingly, they are physically identical down to production markings of some I got from US vendors claiming "Made in USA". Shipping time runs about a month.
http://www.aliexpress.com/item/350pcs-l ... 67054.html

I keep 4"x 6" flags - very popular item. After using several sources and paying $1 each, I happened on this source where I can get them for $0.50 each in lots of 12. The also sell neat little toothpick flags - make great decorations at Burns Dinners.

Tent Anchors
I do festivals in the Southwest. Winds of 30-50 mph are not uncommon. I don't like chasing my tent down the field so I use some fairly serious tie downs. For anchors - 12" deck nails from Lowes or Home Depot (buck apiece or so) and then use "paracord" - commercially available parachute cord with 500+ lb strength to tie the tent down. It's available in a gang of colors. I use Neon Yellow to minimize collision events. There are many online vendors, I use the one one below. It's available in 100 yard hanks or 1000' spools. I go thru a spool a year or so between festivals and ham radio events. $50 a spool or so.

Jim in NM

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