New Region 2 (Mid-Atlantic) Seneschal

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New Region 2 (Mid-Atlantic) Seneschal

Post by Jim in NM » Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:19 pm

David Gilmour, former CMSNA Chairman and past Region 7 Seneschal is now the Seneschal for the Mid-Atlantic Region (Region 2). This region takes in PA, MD, NJ, VA, WV, DE & DC. Thanks to Dave for taking on this important Society position! His extensive experience in the Society will be a great asset in his Region and valued by others in the Seneschal program. In addition to being the Region 2 Seneschal, Dave is actively involved in convening CMSNA tents at multiple events in the area.

The Society Seneschals are experienced Conveners appointed to oversee 14 regions of the US and Canada. They function as the coordinator for field activities of the Society in those regions. This includes developing and supporting Convener coverage at games and festivals in their region, being a point of contact for information about Society activities and working with others in the Seneschal program to further the outreach activities of the Society.

If you have any questions about Seneschals and Conveners, or would be interested in becoming one, contact the Seneschal for your Region as shown on the CMSNA website. If there is not a Seneschal for your region, please contact me.

Jim Morrison (Jim in NM)
CMSNA High Seneschal

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