Group AE SNP Results --- R-Z253+

County Louth, Ireland (Gilmore/Gilmer)
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Group AE SNP Results --- R-Z253+

Post by morrisondna » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:46 pm

A member of this group has tested positive for SNP Z253 under R1b. There is an R-Z253 project at FTDNA where other Z253+ surnames can be seen. There are many SNPs downstream of Z253 that define more recent branches of the Z253 family. Further testing of downstream SNPs can be done using the R1b-Z253 custom test package at or the Z253 SNP Pack at FTDNA. Members of Group AE should consider testing one of these SNP packages and joining the Z253 project. After one member of the group has completed testing of a SNP package, the results will be a "terminal SNP." Other members of the group can then test for the terminal SNP alone at a lower cost. Learning the terminal SNP will allow determination of which other families in the Z253 project are the closest matches to the Gilmores and Gilmers in Group AE and will help to localize the origins of the family.

Here is a link to the YSEQ SNP package, which includes a SNP descendancy tree under Z253: ... ts_id=6243

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Re: Group AE SNP Results --- R-Z253+

Post by lgilmore » Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:38 pm

SNP Pak for Z253 is in process with FTDNA, and has an expected date of Nov 18 - Dec 2. I am anxiously awaiting these results, and also considering doing the Big Y. Thank you for what you do as an administrator, you help us find our way through this fun maze. Skip (Paul) Gilmore

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