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Joseph H Morrison Sr

Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 2:42 am
by Dave Marshall
I am looking for people who are researching the families of Joseph H Morrison Sr (b 1759 Martinsburg, Berkeley County Virginia d 1835 Centralia, Marion County, Illinois); Margaret Wilson (b abt 1710 d abt 1770 Nottingham, Chester County, Pennsylvania) - wife of Guyon Gavin Morrison (Clan Group P); and William Barnett (b abt 1830 Illinois d bef 1900 Gallatin County Illinois).

I am also hoping to find a descendants of Joseph H Morrison Sr that will do some DNA testing.

Joseph H Morrison Sr married first Margaret Rainey (1765 Halifax Virginia d 1804 Washington County, Virginia), and married second Elizabeth Ford (b 1780 Baltimore County, Maryland d 1844 Marion County, Illinois).

William Barnett married first Elizabeth Marable and second Mary Songer.

I am researching the family tree of my sister's husband Mark Lindell Morrison (b 1958): (Clan Morrison DNA Project M488, FTDNA 616454, GEDMatch A333596, YSearch ZMW47 and Ancestry DNA ID M.M.) We have family information solidly confirming the family back through 2nd great grandfather James Phillip aka "Geams Earl" Morrison (b 1850 Texas d 1941 Fannin County, Texas). I have census and other documents found on Ancestry and other sites that confirm 3rd GGF Joseph H Morrison Jr and 4th GGF Joseph H Morrison Sr.

When I first started researching the line, I did what a lot of other people do and copied from other Ancestry member trees. At the time, there was between 30 to 35 (now over 50) trees listing a James Morrison of Washington County, PA, as the father of Joseph H Morrison Sr and Guyon Gavin Morrison as the father of James. Eventually I realized there was a discrepancy among those trees regarding the birth date of that James Morrison, varying from 1735 to 1755. I later found a history book of the area listing the birth date of that James Morrison as 1755, and I accepted that as most likely to be correct. If James was born any time after about 1740 at the earliest, he can't back the father of Joseph H Morrison Sr.

We decided to try a DNA test to assist in resolving that problem and to try to find a rumored link to Native American heritage (it is in the maternal line). First, Mark, his father, and his father's brother all did Ancestry Autosomal DNA tests. In the results of those tests, we found a lot of "Shared Ancestor Hints" for wives of grandfather William Earl and great grandfather William Early Morrison. We have a Shared Ancestor Hint for a living great granddaughter of 2nd GGF James Phillip Morrison and a "Distant Cousin" match to the family of Mattie Jane McIntyre, the wife of James Phillip. We have 21 Shared Ancestor Hint matches to the family of Lycenia Laura Allen, the 2nd wife of 3rd GGF Joseph H Morrison Jr. We have 14 Shared Ancestor Hint matches to the family of Elizabeth Ford, the 2nd wife of Joseph H Morrison Sr. We have 3 Shared Ancestor Hint matches to Margaret Wilson, the wife of Guyon Gavin Morrison. I have found one distant cousin match that I believe links to Elizabeth Morrison, a granddaughter of Guyon Gavin Morrison. There are no Ancestry DNA matches that I have found so far that link to a 5th GGF. Having said all of that, I do fully understand the "circumstantial evidence" quality of Autosomal DNA. There are a few Distant Cousin matches to descendants of a Nathaniel Morrison, who is also a geographical match in Beckeley County, Virginia.

Here is the problem. Since Autosomal DNA did not help with the birth date of the 5th GGF James Morrison, we decided to try Y-DNA and ordered a 37 marker test through the Clan Morrison DNA Project. Instead of resolving get the 5th GGF problem, we were hit with a bigger problem. Mark's Y-DNA test results do not match anyone that has up to this point tested through the Clan Project, but he very strongly matches two descendants of William Barnett (Barnett DNA Project Group 18). That suggests a probable Non-Paternal Event. I have been in contact with the researcher who is working with the two Barnetts that Mark matches, but have not received any additional information. She has been unable to find anything about the line prior to 1830.

So, we have Autosomal test results that I believe are confirming the 2nd through 4th great grandfather's through their respective spouses. The fact that there are no Autosomal or Y-DNA matches directly to them suggests to me that Mark, his father and uncle, are the first males of the line to test. Knowing that there was probably some sort of undocumented adoption or other NPE, and having the Autosomal DNA matches to the descendants of Margaret Wilson make me think she may have been involved in the NPE either as a participant or mother of a participant (again, please note that Mark definitely does not match her husband Guyon Gavin Morrison). The FTDNA TiP suggests the event was at least 4 (59%) to 8 (89%) generations back.

Another "problem" with figuring out the father of 4th GGF Joseph H Morrison Sr is a few Autosomal DNA matches to descendants of a Nathaniel Morrison (Clan Morrison DNA Project Group R) who also have a geographical connection of Berkeley County, Virginia.

Complicating the ability to do more DNA research is the fact that going back through the 3rd GGF, there are only 2 first cousins and 2 first cousins once removed that are available for further Y-DNA testing. There are no other living direct line males.

Another complicating issue is that research does not find any potential ancestors for the Y-DNA matching Barnetts. That line does not appear in any documents prior to the appearance of William Barnett and there are no Ancestry member trees that I have been able to find that list a possible ancestor.

I have received a lot of great help from Clan Morrison DNA Project members Edwin Holcombe, Luan Marks and Ron Bridges (Ron is also an Autosomal match, but we have not yet figured out where he fits in). The primary goal is finding the father of 4th GGF Joseph H Morrison Sr, figuring out the connection with the Barnetts, and the matches with possible 6th great grandmother Margaret Wilson.

I and Mark's family will greatly appreciate any assistance that anyone can provide! Please contact me at dmarshall1951-at-gmail-dot-com

Thank you!
Dave Marshall

Re: Joseph H Morrison Sr

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:07 pm
by Felix_W_Morrison+01
Margaret Wilson was the daughter of John Wilson (1768-1855) and Nancy Crawford (1775-1845). He was from Adams County, Pa, and she was from Washington County, Pa.
They both died in Butler County, Pa.
That's not much information; but I hope it helps.

Felix (Fil) Morrison

Re: Joseph H Morrison Sr

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:06 pm
by Felix_W_Morrison+01
Regarding Joseph H Morrison, Sr-the following information is copied verbatim from Text taken from page 658 of:
Beers, J. H. and Co., Commemorative Biographical Record of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1893).

"James, youngest of the family of Guyon Morrison, Sr., was born in 1755. He inherited that portion of the homestead on which his father had lived and died. After the formation of Washington county, he was commissioned as captain of a company of the Washington Rangers, who were organized for defense against the intrusions of savage foes. In 1791 he married Mary Gibson, daughter of William Gibson, Sr., of Lancaster county, and sister of the wife of James Bradford, Jr., of Strabane township. He resided on the homestead until his death, November 14, 1813, and was buried in the graveyard on his own farm beside the remains of his father. His wife died August 23, 1834, at the age of sixty-five years. Her remains were deposited beside those of her husband, in their quiet resting place. A few years ago their remains were removed, and were interred in the cemetery at Washington. They had issue: William, Margaret, John, Elizabeth, James, Jr., Guyon and Mary."

NOTE: there is no mention of a child named Joseph. However, that's not unusual and the above list may just be incomplete. Guyon and Margaret started in 1735 with William, and the last one before James was Guyon Jr born about 1750.

Coincidentally- there was a Joseph H (Grindstone Joe) Morrison (1821-1889); a great grandson of Guyon.

Good luck with your research.
Felix (Fil) Morrison

Re: Joseph H Morrison Sr

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:58 pm
by morrisondna
SNP testing among matches can narrow down how far back a Y-DNA connection is better than comparing the number of STR mismatches.