The Morrison and Gowdy Family from Belfast

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The Morrison and Gowdy Family from Belfast

Post by dermory » Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:46 am

Hello fellow Morrisons!

I've recently been doing more genealogical research on my family and thought I'd reach out to this group to see if I could find any more connections.

My oldest known ancestors are from Belfast (and other ares of Northern Ireland): Robert Morrison b. 1822 d. 1870 and Sarah Ellen Letitia Gowdy c. 1821 d. 1873. They had several children, but two of their sons changed their name to "Moryson" in their early 20s and moved back to Ayr, Scotland. Thomas Arthur Moryson became a somewhat well-known photographer. His brother was William Fitzgerrald Moryson, an optician, watchmaker, and master jeweller. I've never understood the name change - not sure if it was a return to former name or for marketing purposes...

I recently participated in the Morrision/Gilmore DNA project on FTDNA and had high level (111 marker) matches with Capt. Hugh Morrison b. 1685 d. 1765. I also had high level matches with a man named James Morrison b. 1757 - no idea how I'm connected to these individuals, though. It looks like these individuals moved to the USA several years before my Robert Morrison's birth - suppose they share a distance ancestor.

If anyone has any information on Robert or Sarah Morrison, or further information on Hugh Morrison, I'd definitely like to hear from you - Any tips/directions to resources/literature as it relates to Morrisons in Northern Ireland would also be gratefully received.

I'm happy to share what information I have on my Moryson family tree as well.

Thanks everyone!

Derek Moryson
Vancouver, BC

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