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N. Ireland; Pennsylvania and North Carolina
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Morrison-Q WEB Site and Discussion Group

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Current research assumes our family originated in Scotland and migrated to Northern Ireland for at least one generation. Around 1730, James Morrison Sr and his four sons (James Jr, William, Andrew and Thomas) immigrated to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, we believe in an area that is now Dauphin County (Paxton and Derry). Thomas died in Pennsylvania around 1747. We assume James Sr died in Pennsylvania some time before the brothers traveled to North Carolina. Around 1750, the remaining brothers and Thomas’ children migrated down the old wagon Road to Rowan County, North Carolina in an area that is now the western part of Iredell County (Loray and Scotts). Descendants of the four brothers settled in and around Iredell County, while many eventually moved to other parts of the country and beyond.

Our group has it's own WEB Site and Discussion Group - more information can be found at

Anyone who is kin to our family is encouraged to join.

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