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Group K Origins

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:51 pm
by morrisondna
Group K is the group in the Morrison project that is closest to the Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype. In other words, it is at the center of the bell curve for Western European Haplogroup R and is the most common set of marker values in the project. This results in there being a large number of participants who fit into this group, with these being split into several subgroups. It is likely that not all of these subgroups are actually closely related to the other subgroups and that their close matches in marker values are only due to coincidence. For example, Subgroup K1 is from the Isle of Lewis and Subgroup K4 is from Kirriemuir, Scotland. It is likely that these two subgroups developed as independent Morrison families even though they share many of the same marker values. There are two ways to clear this up---one is through testing of additional markers (up to 111) until a clear separation between the two groups appears (or does not). The other and more certain way is to locate recent SNPs that would be better indicators of the different families included in Group K. With FTDNA's Big Y test, we expect many new SNPs to be found over the coming months that can be used for this purpose.