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private messaging

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:13 pm
by Dan Morrison
Sorry to be a pain as topic likely hidden somewhere in the FAQ. How do I private message another member? I know the member number as in same group but no idea actual identity.

Re: private messaging

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:31 am
by Morrison-Q
Click on the desired UserName link - this takes you to their profile - you should then see a "send private message" link under their contact information area.

Re: private messaging

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:36 am
by morrisondna
If the person is a member of the Morrison DNA Project who has not posted on this board and who does not have an e-mail address listed in the FTDNA matches, you would need to go through the Morrison DNA Project administrator.