AGM 2014 virtual thoughts

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Jim in NM
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AGM 2014 virtual thoughts

Post by Jim in NM » Wed May 07, 2014 3:52 pm

WOW! That was a fun festival in Arlington, TX. I finally got meet many of the folks I have known by phone and email for years.

It was especially fascinating to watch the near real time postings on Facebook of happenings at the tent and around the festival. During the actual AGM, posts and pictures were popping up from several folks as well as comments from a number of folks not present, but watching. This was really brought home when I saw our Chief, Dr. Ru Morrison, post a panorama shot of the meeting while it was in progress. Wonder how many other Clans can claim something like that!!!!

Anyway, it occurred to me on the drive home that it would be a very simple next step to stream an AGM live. All it takes is a good coverage area for cellular (or wifi), a decent smart phone or tablet and a data plan that can handle the load. As with almost everything, there's an app for that - actually several for various streaming services.

Some of the services, such as Ustream, have a chat function that allows viewers to interact - comment, ask questions, etc. Maybe a virtual AGM is not far off.

So much for the future, I gotta get the truck unloaded and sweep out all the Tarrant County top soil that blew in...

Jim in NM

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Re: AGM 2014 virtual thoughts

Post by shennachie » Wed May 07, 2014 7:40 pm

Hrm. Should I look into implementing a photo gallery function for the society's website?
Chris Gillmore

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