Ewen Morrison of Lewis; an early Morrison

Ewen Morrison of Lewis; an early Morrison

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Ewen Morrison of Lewis
There are many references to early Morisons (Morrisons); some from Lewis. Few references list Ewen (Evan) Morrison as one of these early Morrisons. He is alternately referred to as “The Piper in Lewis” or “In the Lewis.” He was born in Lewis in 1474, and died in 1521 in Innermeath. He was the son of Morris MacGilles, husband of Peggy McInnes, and father of Anna Morrison (1510-?) who married Hugh Munro of Foulis-Obsdale - 1st Laird of Ferrytown.
For those who are looking for research links to the Morrisons of Lewis, you may find the following references to Ewen and his family useful:
1. “History of the Munros of Fowlis with genealogies of the principal families of the name: to which are added those of Lexington and New England” by Alexander Mackenzie, (1838-1898) (pg. 382 reference to Ewen, Anna, Hugh Munro and their issue)
2. ROOTSWEB.com: Ancestry of John D Newport (reference to Ewen, Anna, Hugh Munro and their issue)
3. Geni.com: Ewen Morrison In the Lewis (reference to Ewen, Anna, and Morris MacGilles)
4. geneologieonline.nl: Genealogy of Richard Remme, the Hague, Netherlands (references to Hugh Munro and Anna married in Lewis, also lists sources)
5. fabpedigree.com: Hugh (of Ferrytown Obsdale and Coul) Munro (reference to “wife/partner” Anna Morrison
6. MyHeritage.com: Hugh Munro (1500-?) (Reference to parents, marriage, and issue)
You won’t find any reference to Ewen Morrison in the diligent works on Morrison history such as those by John Morrison of Bragar “the Indweller”, or Alexander Weir Morrison. Their works are very inclusive of early Morrisons, but couldn’t possibly contain all of them. I hope the references above are useful for anyone’s research to find early Morrisons of Lewis.
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